My husband and my children are from Novosibirsk. In search of warmth, they thought about buying a house in hot countries. I was for Spain, my husband insisted on Italy. In order not to argue, we decided to look into the options both there and there. The first item was Spain, we had already bought the tickets. But a call changed everything: “Friends are flying to Italy, ready to take you with them, to show their home and their place. Go ... "

We bought our house a little over a year ago. During this time, we have been here three times: in April, June and September, each time for a month ...  

Houses are bought in Calabria, or rather in Zambrone. Frankly, it's hard to call this place a city - it's quite a city. Very interesting and colorful, where everyone knows each other and greets each other when they meet. But this is generally a purely Italian theme, basically they live like this.

We are not lovers of apartments, we have a house in Novosibirsk. We definitely need the land - we can't live without it, and the kid is used to it and asks to play on the street, on his site.  

As a result, we now own a two-level house and the first floor is separated from the second. We hope that when the eldest son - and he's 20 - has a girlfriend, they'll live there. I think it will be convenient for them: there is a separate part with a mini-kitchen, a room and a shower. We can say a separate odnushka. On the second level there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms, one of which is large - a guest room, with washing machine. Also on our floor we find a large kitchen-living room and a patio with access and sea view.

The total area of ​​the house is approximately 150 square meters. m, I will not say for sure. Because in the contract the Italians simply describe the house, indicating how many rooms it has. The "squares", like us, don't count.

The purchase cost 250 thousand euros, we were offered four options suited to our needs. There were cheaper options too, even with an on-site pool. But we chose a larger footage and a secluded area.

We didn't do large-scale repairs, we did something for ourselves. So, from the moment the deal was made (November 2018) until the first visit to our home (April 2019), the workers colored something, replaced some elements, changed the chandeliers and lamps.